Research and innovation remain our driving  force and our teams continue to focus their efforts on two major strategies :

  • The selections of vine roots conforming to the agronomic and oenological requirements of our clients and which also resist climate change
  • The elements improving resistance, growth, protection and plant lifetime

Selecting vine roots with high potential

A huge diversity of terroirs are examined and selected by our R&D department who are continuously looking for notable specificity. The orientations the department is looking for is identifying plants which answer to specifications that determine successful wine-growing production for our clients (agronomic and oenoligic goals). 

Higher performance of grapevine plant material in the long term

One of the main objectives of our research programme is to identify those factors which influence the sturdiness of the grapevine, the growth capacity, its defence system and its expected lifetime. 
We take great pride in supplying our customers with higher performance grapevine plants that last.