The grapevine plants grown in our plantations at Pépinières Guillaume will lend themselves to your particular needs all year round, guaranteeing the best conditions whether you are wanting to plant or to replace.

Your precise choice of grapevine is a strategic one to ensure your venture succeeds taking into account your inherent biotic and abiotic factors.

Do not hesitate to contact your regional technical consultant who will be pleased to help you make the right choice.

The SymBIOSE plant ©

Conscious of the environmental factors we face and committed for many years to sustainable winegrowing techniques of quality, Pépinières Guillaume have developed a range of grapevine plants that have a low environmental impact named ‘SymBIOSE’. 

Current legislation does not permit the production of ‘organic’ plants in France but we have endeavoured to elaborate  an innovative protocol which limits the use of synthetic chemicals as much as possible.

All waxes used on plants and the vast majority of products employed are organic certified.

Organic substances are also used to stimulate natural defence barriers in our plants. 

All our nursery fields are on organically farmed land and weedkillers are strictly banned. 

Immunised Plants

For several years, meticulous research by Pépinières Guillaume has lead to the production of carrier plants hyper resistant to fanleaf deformation. In the same way a vaccination acts in humans, this strain stimulates the natural defence mechanisms in the plant strengthening its resistance to the virus. 

This favours growth and fruition in this particular plant where other plants would weaken and die rapidly.

As these immunised plants carry a virus strain, they must only be used as replacement cuttings in areas infected by fanleaf deformation.

pastille mycorhize

Mycorhize Pellets

Pépinières Guillaume have been engaged in specific research programmes on mycorhizes fungus since 1996.

Our expertise enables us to select inoculum strains providing survivability and efficiency in the grape vine plant, qualitites that have been proved on in the medium and long run. 

Mycorhization is a natural process, a symbiosis interaction between the mycorhize fungus present in the soil and the grapevine. The fungus thrives off the sugars produced by the plant and in exchange helps the rapid absorption of low mobility nutrients and water by the vine. 

Our research has proved that microscopic fungus improves the development of the vine root through symbiotic action : the plant absorbs nutrients more easily, strengthening the plant root and increasing its defence mechanism against root pathogens.

vital plant

The Vital Plant ©

Our Vital plant was developed to make replacing operations easier favouring quick and optimal root growth. 

The bead robustness of this traditional plant is rigourously controlled and it is protected by a mycorhize pellet selected by our laboratories. The plant is coated in fertiliser for optimal root growth and packaged in a protective organic biodegradable film.

This product is particularly effective in :

  • Enhancing the natural defences in the plant
  • Encouraging rapid root growth of quality 
  • Improving the capacity for absorbing the necessary nutrients in the soil
  • Reducing planting time