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Founded in 1895, Pepinières Guillaume, established in the Bourgogne-Franche Comté region of France, have been classed leaders in the vine growers market for 5 generations. This family business develops its activities relying exclusively on 2 key words :  quality  and  innovation.

We bring you our expertise so that you may express your passion and fulfill your wish to excel

Our aim

Ranked as one of the world’s finest grapevine growers, Pepinieres Guillaume have specialised in the grafting of high quality grapevine plants since 1895.

Our cutting edge research and genetic selection enables us to offer our winegrowers throughout the world a wide range of products  to meet all requirements.


Our group

Our production in France

Between 12 to 15 million vine plants are grafted each year. We choose the location for the production of our grapevine plant material with great care so that the quality of the wood is approved by...


Machine or Manual Planting

We take pride in honoring the planting requisites of our customers, planting can either be carried out by hand by our specialist teams or by GPS-guided planting machines. For further information,...

Skills and R&D

Quality and Traceability

Integrated quality management was implemented over 12 years ago and ensures that the entire manufacturing process of grapevine plants is conform with the relevant ISO Certifications....

Skills and R&D

Expertise & Advice

The world of wine is fascinating but also extremely demanding.

Our international wine-growing customers know that only superior wines with character will hold their value on world wine...

Skills and R&D

Mycorhizes and trichodermas

An exclusive symbiosis interaction of Mychorizes and Trichodermas ensures the plants develop healthily and become disease-tolerant to fungal and wood diseases.

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30 September 2022

Un vin des Hauts-de-France signé Ternoveo bientôt sur les tables

L’entreprise de négoce Ternoveo suit avec attention les vendanges de dix-huit premiers hectares de vignes plantées dans la région avec l’objectif d’en fabriquer du vin et de commercialiser 40 000 bouteilles en 2023.

Depuis le 22 septembre et jusqu’aux premiers jours d’octobre, c’est (...Read more